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Seamless, Easy, Simple Offshore Bank Account Opening

You likely need an offshore to do any transaction through your overseas company. And if you think it’s just like walking into a bank and opening an account, you are mistaken! Every jurisdiction follows different banking laws and every bank within those jurisdictions has different procedures and document requirements to open a corporate Bank Account consultation.

That’s where we come in! We advise on a range of factors for offshore  opening. Right from which bank is most favorable for you to the application submission for the specific account type, we offer an end-to-end account opening consultation.

Our Offerings

Why Choose Us For Banking Assistance?

We make opening an offshore bank account simple, hassle-free, and quick for you, here’s how!

Local Partners

Support from trusted and certified local partners for a 100% success rate in offshore account opening.

Expert Financial Advisors

Top-notch banking consultants for end-to-end advisory in documentation, compliance, and other local laws.

Network of Trusted Banks

A global network of reputed and trusted banks in multiple jurisdictions allowing solutions for even the most unique needs.

No Hidden Charges

Burgeon Offshore has a transparent pricing policy customized to your requirements and the services you avail.

Complete Data Confidentiality

We use advanced software and applications to maintain complete personal and business data confidentiality.

Liaison in Global Centers

Strong partnership with officials in global centers for uninterrupted and prioritized application processing.

Why Offshore Account

Added Benefits of Offshore Account

The benefits of having an offshore bank account go beyond the means of doing mere transactions.

Offshore Bonds

Reputed global financial institutions provide global corporate bonds for offshore accounts which are great means for capital appreciation.

Offshore Mutual Funds

Invest in a range of international mutual funds managed by highly expert global professionals.

Global Deposit System

Multi-currency offshore account system for diverse and global deposit options.

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Are You Struggling With Opening Your Offshore Account in a Trusted & Reputed Bank?

We know your offshore business can not be operated without a bank account. That’s why we have a team of experts to guide you towards 100% success.

Our Process

4 Steps To Successful Offshore Bank Account Opening

With us, you just follow 4 steps, spend a small fraction of money, and receive end-to-end support to open an bank account consultation.

Discover & Diagnosis

An initial discovery call to learn about your needs, diagnose your requirements, and set forth our offerings.

Application Submission

Our expert consultants help you prepare impeccable documentation for a 100% success rate.

Bank Meeting Preparation

We will help you with sample interview questions for a successful meeting with the bank’s representative.

Offshore Account Approval

Your account approval is wholly subject to the bank’s decision and may take a week or more to process.

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Offshore Account Features

Exclusive Features By Our Network of Banks

Burgeon Offshore only associates with reputed and global banks offering exclusive and extended services.

Frequently Asked Question

Our experts take on popular offshore bank account FAQs

Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Switzerland are some of the most favorable countries to open offshore accounts in, due to the high confidentiality of client information and liberal tax laws.

The consulting charges depend on various factors including, the jurisdiction, account type, your preferred bank(if any), their application fees, etc. However, we only charge a modest consulting fee for advisory.

You can open a bank account in Dubai if you have a registered offshore company established in Dubai, UAE.

Wire transfer or online transfer is a common way of making deposits to your offshore account. However, the banks charge an international wire transfer fee depending on the amount of money being transferred.

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